I’m an artist and explorer of consciousness. I spend most of time trying to unravel the universe on my YouTube channel Geometryptamine.

The long story

I’m from a small village in the middle of England. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember but for some reason I didn’t choose to do art as a subject at school, instead going with woodwork. I don’t know why, but at least I can build a pretty mean box.

Regretting my decision to build boxes I decided to go to art college but I dropped out after a year because in my opinion they were stifling my creativity, forcing me to paint and draw subjects that I wasn’t really interested in.

I went to work in an art gallery framing and selling other people’s art, I became a Guild Commended Framer with letters after my name… Zak Korvin GCF, fancy!

In 2008 I discovered graffiti, I was obsessed and spent all my money on paint and would spray paint every wall I could get my hands on. I also started a skateboard company which didn’t last long but was loads of fun.

In 2010 with a hunger for adventure I decided to volunteer to build paths for the National Park Service in the USA. Based in Flagstaff, Arizona I helped build trails, put up fences and worked to conserve native specie’s habitats for four months in many parks including the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Tuzigoot and Wupatki.

Went back to England and settled back into work picture framing and spent my free time either skateboarding or honing my bushcraft skills in the woods.

In 2013, while camping on the side of a mountain in North Wales with one of my best mates, the hunger for a big adventure returned when we were having a conversation about travelling on a tiny budget.

We figured we could probably travel wherever we felt like if we hitchhiked and took our hammocks with us so we could sleep in the woods for free, doing whatever we could for money along the way. We called ourselves the Wild Hobos.

We zigzagged all over Europe hitchhiking, busking and gambling our way through the Swiss Alps, bear-filled forests in Slovenia, Bulgarian ghost town ski resorts and Transylvania. Eventually we ended up on the Trans-Siberian railway across Russia. We had no money for stops so we were on that train for a full week travelling almost 6000 miles and crossing eight time zones until we ended up in Beijing, China where we made our way down the east coast of Asia.

When I got back to England, I trained tirelessly for six months to get my gaming license then went to work as a casino dealer, the plan being I would work in a casino to gain experience then get a job on a cruise ship and get paid to travel the world. I started working nights at a massive casino. Every single one of my colleagues that had worked on a cruise ship told me it was awful and not to bother. I folded that hand and left.

I got depressed and felt incredibly anxious all the time, I didn’t know what my purpose was in life and felt like I had no direction. I decided to head to the Peruvian Amazon for answers.

I spent an incredible month deep in the rainforest with no electricity and no contact with the outside world. It was there that I discovered sacred geometry. I realised what I was supposed to be doing with my life… creating art, sharing it with the world and inspiring others to do the same. As soon as I got back from the Amazon I booked another trip for exactly one year later, this time for three months.

I felt refreshed and motivated to create a life for myself as an artist. I still didn’t feel like I really belonged in England though. I bought a van and drove around Europe drawing constantly along the way.

When that time came around to go back to the Amazon I wasn’t sure if I even needed to go. I knew exactly what I wanted from life and I was on my way to living the dream. I decided to go anyway.

I spent another month in the rainforest then travelled around Peru for two months.. I found myself in a little mountain town in the Sacred Valley of the Incas called Pisac and I thought ‘this would be a pretty sweet place to hide out some time and work on my art’.

I left and travelled to Arequipa where I met a girl, we travelled all over Peru together until it was time for my flight back to England. I didn’t get on that flight.

We ended up moving to live in her home city of Lima, the capital of Peru. I stumbled into a tattoo apprenticeship in arguably the strongest shop in the country, Stefano’s Tattoo Gallery. Tattooing was something I had made a feeble attempt to get into at the age of 18 but my portfolio wasn’t strong enough. I learnt a lot in those two years but I hated living in Lima. I’m not made for cities.

My partner Val and I packed up and moved to that little mountain town I mentioned earlier and I set up a private tattoo studio which became really successful.

I started a vlog on YouTube to share my Peruvian adventures with my friends back home and painted a massive dotwork mandala on the wall of my studio, that video blew up, the channel grew fast and evolved into the art and sacred geometry channel Geometryptamine.


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