How to Draw the Lauburu Pattern

Tools used:* Compass Straight edge Pencil Pen Here’s a really simple geometric pattern you can create using sacred geometry and 17 circles, it’s called the Lauburu. Radius of first circle: 1.5cmPaper size: 15x15cm Hope you found this useful! *Affiliate links give me a small commission with every purchase.

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7 Shapes That Are Hidden in the Flower of Life

Tools used: Compass Straight edge Pencil Pen I was flicking through a book by Robert Lawlor the other day and came across this image, it shows how the Flower of Life can be used to find a bunch of equilateral shapes.I wanted to see if I could draw it. It was a bit harder than I…

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How to Draw a Perfect Celtic Love Knot

Tools used:* Compass Straight edge Pencil Pen Coloured pencil The Celtic love knot symbolises the love between two people. I set out to discover the sacred geometry behind this ancient symbol and here’s what I found. This is just one of many different versions of the Celtic love knot. Check out the video above for…

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Drawing The Valknut

Here I am drawing the Valknut using sacred geometry. The Valknut is a symbol made up of three interlocking triangles. Not a lot is known about the history of this symbol, it is believed to have a connection to the Norse God Odin, who could loosen the tensions of fear and strain in battle by…

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How to Draw The Ankh Using Sacred Geometry

I’ve always been intrigued by the Ankh, the ancient Egyptian symbol. I knew it must have some sacred geometry behind it so I set out to find exactly how to make the perfect Ankh. Here’s what I came up with. Tools used: Compass Straight-edge Pens Pencils It starts with the Seed of Life, pretty much…

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The Intriguing Sacred Geometry of a Mandala

The Seed of Life is called the symbol of creation and for good reason, it’s so simple but so intriguing. The Seed of Life starts with the Vesica Piscis, which is two overlapping circles of equal size where the centre of each circle is on the circumference of the other. Adding five more circles using…

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2021 Meteor Shower Calendar

Not too long ago I saw the maddest thing I’ve ever seen in my life and it inspired me to make a calendar for the meteor showers of 2021. It happened to me a couple weeks ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I recently got into waking up at 5am…

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How to Draw an Easy Mandala Step by Step

Drawing a mandala is a great tool for meditation and focus, so I’m gonna show you the basics so you can get started drawing mandalas. For this, all you’re gonna need is a compass, a pencil, some pens, a straightedge/ruler and an eraser. Follow the video or scroll down for a step by step guide,…

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What Is the Flower of Life and How to Draw It

What Is the Flower of Life? The Flower of Life is an ancient sacred symbol that has been found in almost every culture that has ever existed and is one of the basic sacred geometry symbols, it symbolises creation and oneness and is said to be a blueprint for everything created in the universe. Drawing…

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Is a Pentagram Really as Evil as They Say?

Here’s a symbol that’s gotten a bad rap over the years, the pentagram. There’s a lot of confusion over this symbol and what it really means. Some people might still believe that it’s an evil symbol, others believe it’s the complete opposite but either way I’m gonna show you how to draw it! Most of…

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How to Draw the Endless Knot

What Is the Endless Knot The Endless Knot, also known as The Eternal Knot, The Auspicious Drawing and the Tibetan Knot is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols in Buddhism. It is made of intertwined lines without a beginning or end and symbolises endless wisdom, compassion, continuity and universal oneness, reminding us all consciousness is…

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