What compass do you use?

I made a page full of all the tools I use. Check it out here.

How did you learn about sacred geometry?

I discovered sacred geometry while drinking plant medicine in the Peruvian Amazon, the plants showed me the basics and I just kept searching for more and experimenting with a compass and straight edge. I am yet to fully read a book on sacred geometry. It’s bad I know but I have more fun finding it out for myself!

Where are you located?

I’m from England, but I live and work in Peru with my girlfriend, her daughter, a German Shepherd called Yaku and a cat called Pumdog.

Peru’s postal service is broken and untrustworthy so I choose to use print shops in the outside world to print and fulfill my products. Your item will be dispatched from wherever is closest to your shipping address. So for example, if you order from New Zealand your item will be shipped from Australia, if you order from Canada your item will be shipped from USA. It’s the best way for all of us!

I know it’s a bit less personal but it’s the best way to ensure your item gets to you in one piece without costing you a fortune!

Will you teach me how to draw like you?

I’ve got a bunch of tutorials on my YouTube channel and on my blog.

How can I print my downloaded art?

I recommend using an acid free archival cardstock in a quality inkjet printer. The size and quality of the print will be dependent on the capabilities of your printer.

There are many websites that allow to upload the files provided and get prints delivered to your door!

Head down to your local print shop and have a chat with them about what options they offer that will give you the best results possible.

How will my download files be delivered?

Once your payment has cleared, you will get access to all files to download. Some prints are jpegs or PDF files that are ready to be printed. Larger files and collections are compressed into zip files that will need to be extracted.

Will the printed image look exactly the same as it appears on my screen?

It’s likely that your printer will not be calibrated to your screen so colours and saturation may differ from the actual print. But to be honest the difference for most of my art will be minuscule because it’s black and white.

Can I use the images for commercial purposes?

No. These downloads are for personal use only. You may not share or resell the digital file, and you may not sell prints of the art.

Purchase does not transfer rights. Copyright remains with the artist.

What type of paper should I print on?

Smooth cardstock is best to achieve a crisp finish. I recommend going with a matte finish for art prints.

Why can’t I open the zip files I downloaded?

If you downloaded the files from a mobile device you might have to download extra software to extract the zips. I recommend downloading from a computer and extracting zips from there. You can then send the files to your mobile device.

Why bother zipping the files?

To meet upload requirements sometimes it’s necessary to zip your files to give you the highest quality content.


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