What compass do you use?

I made a page full of all the tools I use. Check it out here.

Can I sell this reproduction of your art I made from watching your videos?

I wish I could say yes but as a rule my videos are for personal use, inspiration and technical guidance only. If the artwork is clearly inspired by and not just a reproduction then it’s fine to sell. I’m doing my best to sell my own work too at the end of the day. Man’s gotta eat!

How did you learn about sacred geometry?

I discovered sacred geometry while drinking plant medicine in the Peruvian Amazon, the plants showed me the basics and I just kept searching for more and experimenting with a compass and straight edge.

Where are you located?

I’m from England, but right now I’m in darkest Perú.

Will you teach me how to draw like you?

I’ve got a bunch of tutorials on my YouTube channel and I go more in depth in the Geometers Circle.

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