Is a Pentagram Really as Evil as They Say?

Here’s a symbol that’s gotten a bad rap over the years, the pentagram. There’s a lot of confusion over this symbol and what it really means. Some people might still believe that it’s an evil symbol, others believe it’s the complete opposite but either way I’m gonna show you how to draw it!

Most of the blame for this symbol’s confusion can be put on the occult author and ceremonial magician Éliphas Lévi wrote in his book Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie that the Pentagram pointing up symbolises all that is good and if it is reversed to point down it symbolises all that is evil.

This is the first known mention of the link to Satan and it just kind of stuck after he theorised it, mainly because his work had great influence on Aleister Crowley who had a lot of influence on Western occultism which then led to the Church of Satan to use the upside down pentagram as their logo.

Many cultures believed the symbol represented different things. The ancient Greeks believed it to symbolise the five planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn (to their knowledge there were only five planets and Earth wasn’t considered a planet). The Greeks, as in European folk magic, used it to ward off evil intentions. Christians believed it represented the five senses. In Chinese tradition it represented fire, earth, metal, water and wood. In West Africa it represents the universe and the star Sirius.

Sometimes symbols become famous for all the wrong reasons, this is one of them. I hope you found this helpful and I’d love to see your drawing! Share it with me on Instagram if you feel like it @geometryptamine.

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