Chakana Geometry Giclée Art Print



Printed on Hemp Hahnemühle fine art archival paper with an extra one inch white border.

US orders will come from a print shop I use in Texas.

I’m going eco and making the switch to a more environmentally friendly hemp paper. Hemp Hahnemühle paper is made of 60% hemp fibre and 40% cotton. It has a bright white natural tone thanks to the natural colour of the hemp. The lightly textured surface gives the paper a pleasant, silky feel. This acid and lignin-free paper meets the most exacting requirements in terms of age resistance.

Switching to hemp paper helps reduce the pollution and environmental damage caused by tree-based paper. No more deforestation, no more wiping out ecosystems, no more chemicals, reduced carbon dioxide levels and it only takes 20 weeks to create instead of 20 years. It’s all round awesome and I think you’re gonna love it!