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Drawing a Byzantine mosaic

I was flicking through this book “The World of Ornament”, awesome book by the way, and I found this pattern from the 12th century. I decided to have a go at constructing it, it took ages but it was really satisfying, I went into a full zen-like state drawing this one.  

From the book: “This mosaic motif was done in marble and is from pavement. The composition is based on the principle of marquetry, hardly a flexible medium, and this probably explains why they have a more classical look.”

Radius of first circle: 2.5cm
Paper size: A3  
World of Ornament book → https://amzn.to/3avyTLf

I thought this pattern would only take me a day or two to figure out and draw but it ended up taking me over a week! Really satisfying though. I’m going to use it as inspiration for this month’s full moon mandala session.


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