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Wallpaper: June 2022

I thought I’d start doing a little roundup with these wallpapers as we move into a new month. Oh, and the wallpapers are now free for everyone so share this post with your friends and let em know what’s up!

So what did we get done last month?

☾ On the full moon we learned how to draw a Varahi Yantra to keep our enemies at bay!

☾ I showed you my technique for drawing perfect lotus petals every time.

☾ The YouTube channel passed 100k subscribers! One of the studies blew up and got millions of views and the channel soared from 64k to 119k in a few weeks. I still can’t really wrap my head around that, I’m just really happy that more people are seeing and learning about the healing powers of geometry. I guess I can call myself a full time YouTuber now.

☾ I filmed a nonagram video twice which must have been cursed because the first time I drew it the camera cut out in the middle of filming without me realising and the second time the lighting was all messed up because I tried filming at night for a change. I think there’s been some paranormal anomalies on the ranch interfering with my instrumentation. I decided to come back to that one another day.

☾ I only managed to film one study this month, I’m really, really enjoying making these videos though and it’s cool that they’re getting more attention. I wake up at the crack of dawn while it’s still quiet and focus on my breathing as I’m drawing them. It’s the best way to start the day, I wish I had more time and paper to do it every day. 

☾ I changed the title of the studies from Sacred Geometry Studies to Zen Geometry Studies for two reasons; one because that’s the state I get into while I’m drawing them and I’m hoping to bring you, the viewer along into that state as well.
And two because the word “Sacred” seemed a bit ambiguous and brought a lot of hate and preaching to the channel which I’d rather not see. I think there is a valid discussion to be had about what is and isn’t sacred but I don’t want it to be in my comments section.

☾ I was flicking through a book full of ornamental patterns and found a pattern that I thought might be cool to try and recreate. It took me ages to figure out but it was so satisfying to draw. It’s from a 12th century pavement mosaic, possibly in St. Mark’s cathedral in Venice? I couldn’t pinpoint it.

☾ I eagerly awaited Peru’s pandemic update as I was hoping to plan a trip back to England to see my family and tie the knot but Peru remains in a state of emergency which means my fiancé Val still can’t get a passport. That’s 25 months with no human rights now. Oh well, that just means I’ve got more time to draw! (And Val can do more yoga)

☾ We had beautiful clear skies here for the full moon and witnessed the most spectacular lunar eclipse I’ve ever seen. It was incredible.

It’s been a pretty good month.

Here are some things to look out for in the sky this June:

June 14 – Full moon, Supermoon
June 21 – June solstice
June 28 – New moon

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