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Wallpaper: August’s Moons

I was sitting meditating the other day and I shed a few tears of gratitude. Two years ago my fiancé lost her job, pandemic hit and I didn’t have tattooing to fall back on anymore because nothing could open and the tourists weren’t allowed into the country. My channel and Patreon were our only income and we were completely broke.

We scraped by for two years, a couple times we didn’t have money to buy drinking water or cooking gas (here in Peru both of those still come in a bottle) but we did ok. I’ve been essentially working as a handyman in exchange for rent in an Airbnb this whole time.

Thankfully those shitty times are over now and as I sat there meditating it really sank in, I mean really sank in, that it’s because of you, it’s because you and so many other people actually appreciate what I’m putting out enough that I can feed my family and I just feel so much gratitude.

I know that it won’t be long until I can pay it all forward.

So yeah, I just wanted to say thanks to all my subscribers and Patreon supporters for believing in me. 

Here’s what happened last month…

☾ I changed the channel name… again.

I changed it a couple months ago to Geometry Trip and for a bit I loved it but after a while I thought it’s just not me, you know? It almost sounds nerdy. I also don’t want it to sound like I’m some kind of authority on geometry, I’m just a dude who’s fascinated by it and I like to share what I learn.
So I changed the name to Geometryptamine (GMT for short.) Paying homage to Dimethyltryptamine, the psychedelic component of Ayahuasca, the wonderful brew that sent me down this geometric road in the first place.

What else…

☾ I found an oddly satisfying pattern.

☾ On the full moon, we drew this mandala using the Asanoha pattern.

☾ I showed you how I make the Asanoha pattern.

☾ I found a cool way to draw a dodecahedron.

☾ I figured out how to draw a double spiral too.

☾ Also my headphones broke and it took three weeks for a new pair to arrive in the post, so if my videos sounded weird last month that’s why.

Here are some things to look out for in the sky this month:

August 11 – Full Moon
August 12
– Peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower
August 18 – Peak of the κ-Cygnid Meteor Shower
August 27 – New Moon

Download the wallpaper below ↓

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