Locking Compass

Locking Compass

A good locking compass is essential.

UniPin Drawing Pens

I love these pens, they seem to last forever!

Sakura Drawing Pens

These pens are growing on me. I love the brush and graphic pens.

Steel Ruler

Throw away that plastic ruler. Get some solid steel.

Watercolour Paper

I started using watercolour paper recently because of how tough it is. So far so good.

Bristol Paper

This paper is really good for working in ink, it’s smooth and heavy.

Putty Rubber

Great for pulling off just enough pencil but you can still see what you’re doing.

Set of POSCA Paint Pens

Acrylic paint pens, they work on pretty much any surface.

Fat Tip Posca Pen

Great for filling in large areas and drawing thick lines.

Chisel Tip Posca Pen

Good all rounder. Nice, smooth, even coverage too!

Bullet Tip Posca Pen

If you’re doing dotwork then you need these pens.

Brush Pen

Great for filling in large areas, you can refill the ink or even just dip it in ink.

Drawing Pencils

Handy for drawing.

Coloured Pencils

I don’t use coloured pencils that often but when I do I use these. They’re quite nice.

Trammel heads

Budget option for big circles. Good for one or two jobs but break easily. Buy cheap, buy twice.

Trammel heads

For very big circles. High quality, should last a lifetime.

Seawhite Of Brighton Paper

My favourite paper, sometimes hard to find though.

Krylon Clear Coat

Spray it evenly on the finished product to protect it.

Masking Tape

If you’re painting the entire wall then this might come in handy.

360 Degree Protractor

To be honest I never use a protractor anymore, but you never know, it might come in handy.

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