What Is the Flower of Life and How to Draw It

What Is the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life is an ancient sacred symbol that has been found in almost every culture that has ever existed and is one of the basic sacred geometry symbols, it symbolises creation and oneness and is said to be a blueprint for everything created in the universe.

Drawing the Flower of Life can be used as a meditation to experience a deep spiritual connection and achieve enlightenment.

How to Draw the Flower of Life

It all starts with the Vesica Piscis, which is two overlapping circles of equal size where the centre of each circle is on the circumference of the other.

Adding five more circles using the intersections creates the Seed of Life symbol, made of seven overlapping circles that form a flower-like pattern. The Flower of Life is made up of a grid of 19 overlapping circles bound by a larger circle.

All you need is a pencil and a compass

The method to create it is really simple but drawing it accurately is not as easy as it looks. Check out the real time drawing video below, you’ll be surprised how relaxing it is! Or check out the time-lapse video if you’d like to just have a quick look.

I hope this post inspires you to give it a go yourself. It’s a seriously good meditation with the amount of focus and breath control it takes. I’d love to see how you did it, share it with me on Instagram if you feel like it @geometryptamine.

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The Sacred Geometry Encyclopedia

The Sacred Geometry Encyclopedia is an ongoing project I’m working on, I’m slowly creating an encyclopedia of sacred geometry demonstrations. I hope to show in real time how to draw all elements of sacred geometry so anyone can follow along and learn how to use this amazing practice.

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